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(In)Fertility Coaching

At the start of your journey you thought getting pregnant was going to be easy. Why did no one ever educate you on the possibility of not being able to conceive straight away? 

  • Understand your own body.

  • Understand what is going on for you.

  • Understand how lifestyle effects your fertility and health.

  • Regulate your periods and hormones.

  • Reduce period related symptoms such as cramping and heavy periods.

  • Reduce PMS, bloating, fatigue, mood swings, sugary cravings.

  • Gain tools to create a positive shift in the right direction.

  • Feel in control of your fertility journey.

  • Be supported as a whole.

  • Reduce your racing mind.

  • Be your own best advocate.

Maia can help you

Step one: Know your Cycle                                                                $100

For the health conscious women or couple who is wanting to start or expand their family, a 30min one-on-one appointment with Maia to learn how to accurately track you cycle and identify when your optimal fertility window is.

Step two: Master your Fertility                                                          $250

This 90min in-depth one-on-one appointment is designed for those women or couples who aren't finding conception as straight forward as they had planned. Explore a key lifestyle factor that may be affecting your fertility and ability to conceive. Learn how to make the necessary changes to master your fertility potential.

Step three: Realise your dream                                                         $999

This 6 week program is specifically designed for those who are facing the reality of infertility. If you have been trying to conceive for greater than 10 months (greater than 6mths if you're over 35), are looking at IVF or have a diagnosis of endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome, then Maia is here to help you realise your dream.

The program consists of

  • 6 In-Person Coaching Sessions covering science-based education and tools such as

    • Nutrition for hormonal balance, easier periods and better health

    • Movement that energises instead of drains

    • Sleep for hormonal balance, energy and fertility

    • Fertility Awareness to help you understand your body, menstrual cycle, and timing of sex

    • Mindset to support you to be okay on your journey

  • Weekly accountability

  • SOS email and messenger support

  • Handouts, tools, additional resources relevant to your unique needs

Payment plans available ​

Take control of your future today

The Maia Method

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