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Men's Health

Yes! Men do have pelvic floors as well, and they are just as important as women's pelvic floors, but they need to be approached a little differently.

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Prostate Cancer

We can help with

Treatment for prostate cancer can often result in bladder leakage and erectile dysfunction Physiotherapy for prostate cancer rehabilitation ideally involves a pre-surgical appointment and then ongoing follow-up after surgery for the management of symptoms. I work closely with your specialists to keep them informed of your progress You've done the hard part and survived cancer, now let us help you get your quality of life back.

Pelvic Pain

Often men with pelvic pain have seen everyone and tried everything, usually to no avail, and life gets pretty miserable living with pelvic pain. You don't have to put up with it anymore, physiotherapy can have you living a pain free life again

Bladder & Bowel Issues

Pelvic floor physio can help you get dry, whether it is a dribble that escapes when you're putting your old fulla away or leakage throughout the day. We can also help if you're having difficulty passing or controlling bowel motions

Erectile Dysfunction

The pelvic floor is crucial for achieving and maintaining an erection. As pelvic floor physiotehrapists we have the knowledge required to help you return to your days of old and master the bedroom once more.

Yoga is a great form of exercise, it helps stretch and strengthen key areas of our bodies. It can also provide us with an opportunity to slow down and refresh. Whether you're stiff and sore from sitting too much or from doing too much, Bro-ga is designed for you. It'll help you run better, lift heavier, parent calmer and live an all round better life! 

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Yoga for the bros

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