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Nutritional Support

No more diets, no more quick fixes or band aid solutions. It’s time to dive deep into the root cause of your hormonal problems to lead you to the incredible level of health you deserve.

Jayde combines evidence-based knowledge, skills and tools with holistic but realistic advice to help your body feel and function at its absolute best.

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 $180                             Individual Nutrition Appointment 

Each Bespoke Consultation includes your consultation, research and evaluation of each case, your individual treatment plan with nutritional recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, practitioner-only supplement prescriptions (if needed), recipes and any other relevant information that I think may help you. This also includes complimentary, free access to my online client app portal with direct access messenger, full 24/7 accessibility to your treatment plan and goals, recipes to support your personal Nutrition journey and much more at the touch of a button. Follow up appointments from this are recommended (on average) every 2-4 weeks dependent on each clients case requirements.

Follow-up Appointment                                                   $65

This 30 minute follow up session is where we will review your progress since your last consultation. With this, we will celebrate your successes, work through any challenges or barriers you may have faced & make any changes (if needed) to your treatment plan and supplement prescriptions.

New Client Package                                                        $410

Initial Consultation and 4 follow-up sessions In this package you will receive your initial consultation, full health analysis, food diary review, individual goal setting, specific lifestyle recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, recipes, meal ideas and supplement recommendations (Where required). Following this, also includes 4 x follow up appointment as regular check-in's are absolutely essential for progression and adherence to treatment. By investing and scheduling in regular follow up appointments, this will ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals. Payment plans are available which can be arranged at the first appointment. All appointments must be redeemed within 12 months. Any non-redeemed sessions are non-refundable, it is up to each client to book and attend their sessions. Looking forward to getting you started on your journey to health.

Supplement Review                                                          $29

This is a 15-minute supplement review, where we will analyse your current supplement intake and create an individual supplement prescription or renewal unique to your current health goals and concerns. Jayde is proud to supply the best trusted practitioner-only supplement brands across Australasia such as Metagenics, Orthoplex, BioMedica among several others. While we firmly believe in using food first as our medicine; sometimes therapeutic grade supplements can also be instrumental in achieving successful treatment. Supplements are prescribed on an individual basis, to compliment your unique health requirements, lifestyle, budget and safety alongside any prescriptive medication you may be taking. * All supplements purchased are at an additional cost.

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