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Toilet Stool

  • If you feel bloated, sluggish or simply can’t poop, you’re likely experiencing some form of CONSTIPATION. These symptoms shouldn’t be ignored, as your body is telling you something isn’t right.

    So many people dismiss these symptoms and mask their problems with a band-aid approach, hoping their issues magically disappear. Only to end up in the same exact position they started in.

    A new report revealed that 22% of Kiwis experience constipation regularly, making it our country’s MOST common gastrointestinal problem. 

    The good news is that our brand-new, cost-effective, and all-natural solution has finally landed on New Zealand’s doorstep. So it’s time to rediscover just how enjoyable pooping can be!

    Introducing Toilet Stool™, New Zealand’s one-time solution to end constipation FAST and naturally.

    Recent Studies Have Found That Using A Toilet Stool™ Has:

    • – Minimised Straining By 83%
    • – Increased Emptiness By 76%
    • – Decreased Time On Toilet By 64%

    So the secret is officially out, with over 10,000 happy Kiwis already switching to an all-natural, faster, easier, and stress-free bathroom experience! 

    A 100% natural solution that relieves constipation. Using a Toilet Stool or Squatty Potty will also benefit your overall gut health. 

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