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Kate is a qualified and experienced counsellor who teaches self compassion to help you navigate times of challenge and change. 

Kate is a provisional member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) and work in accordance with the NZAC Code of Ethics. 

While Kate's special interest is supporting people following birth trauma and with the adjustment to parenthood, she is able to assist you with whatever your need might be at the time

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Counselling Services

As a counsellor Kate holds non-judgemental space for people to explore their stories in a collaborative way. Different counsellors are trained differently. Kate is a Solution Focused counsellor which means her approach is hope focused, sees you as the expert of your own life and aims to connect you with your own abilities and strengths to overcome challenges. Kate also works with Self Compassion theories and practices which allow people to relate to themselves in a more understanding and self supportive way.

What to expect

A typical first session usually starts by me introducing myself, asking if there is anything important you would like me to know about you and asking what your best hopes from counselling are. I will often listen to any concerns you have and ask questions to draw out your strengths, exceptions to your challenges and preferred future. If I have helpful information or exercises I will ask if you would like me to share them with you. At the conclusion of the session we will revisit your hopes for the session and I will offer to write a summary note for you in your own words. I believe that people know what they need and should feel in control of the counselling process. At the conclusion of the session you can decide if you would like to rebook another session or not. If you choose not to rebook I trust that you will reach out for further support if needed when the time is right for you.

Finding the right fit

Research has consistently shown that over 80% of whether counselling is successful or not depends on whether you have the right counsellor for you. If you feel like you would benefit from counselling but that I am not the right fit for you, that is OK. I strongly encourage you to try another counsellor.

New Parents

When you become a new parent, everything changes in an instant. Bringing new life into the world can be an amazing experience, and it is also a huge change that can affect the way you relate to yourself and others close to you, the way you see your body and the way you understand the world. I have the lived experience of a challenging birth and recovery and adjusting to parenthood in the midst of the pandemic. The skills that I learnt during my counselling training and from other wise supportive women around me have been invaluable in trusting myself again, understanding who I am as a mother and making sense of my new normal as a parent. I utilise the practice of Self Compassion as a tool to learn to be more supportive and understanding towards ourselves in challenging times. I offer both private counselling and a group workshop called ‘Recharge Mama’ teaching these skills so you can learn how to navigate the challenges of parenthood for yourself and feel supported as your learn your new normal.

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